Dedicated Partner Job Feeds

For partners interested in ingesting job postings, it is possible for Ashby to provision a job posting feed dedicated to them. Once live, Ashby customers can opt-in to the service, at which point all of their published job postings will be published to that feed.

The schema of the feed is fixed, but the format can be in JSON or XML formats. The data provided in JSON and XML feeds is identical between the feeds and is updated hourly.



If you are interested in obtaining a dedicated feed, contact [email protected]

Job Posting Schema

Job postings are provided in a flat list

idStringA UUID of the job posting.Yes
organizationIdStringA UUID of the organization.Yes
organizationNameStringThe name of the organization in Ashby.Yes
titleStringThe title of the job posting.Yes
departmentNameStringThe department of the job posting.Yes
teamNameStringThe team of the job posting.No
descriptionPlainStringThe job posting description in plain text .Yes
descrotionHtmlStringHTML block of the job posting description.Yes
employmentTypeStringThe type of employment. Will be one of the following: FullTime, PartTime, Intern, Contract, or Temporary.Yes
externalLinkStringA link to the application form.Yes
updatedAtStringThe UTC date time in GMT of when this job post was last updated.Yes
publishedAtStringThe UTC date time in GMT of when this job post was published.Yes
locationsArrayAn array of locations that this posting is assigned to (see below for location schema).Yes

Location Schema

Location follows Place as defined by In particular, the postalAddress schema.

locationNameStringThe name of the location.Yes
addressObjectThe address of the location (see below for address schema).No
isRemoteBooleanIndicates if this job posting is eligible for remote work.Yes
isPrimaryLocationBooleanIndicates in this is the primary location if there are multiple locations for this posting. There can only be one primary location per posting.Yes

Address Schema

Address follows the postalAddress as defined at

addressCountryStringThe country of the location. This is NOT guaranteed to be a county code.No
addressRegionStringThe region (state, province, etc) of the location.No
addressLocalityStringThe locality (city, town, village, etc.) of the location.No
postalCodeStringThe postal code of the location.No
postOfficeBoxNumberStringThe PO box number of the location.No
streetAddressStringThe street address of the location.No

Meta Schema

Ashby also provides a meta object that contains additional information and context. At the moment, the only provided metadata is for organizations as outlined below.

idStringA UUID of the organization (matches organizationId in the job posting entry).Yes
nameStringThe name of the organization in Ashby (matches organizationName in job posting entry)Yes
linkStringA link to the organization's website.Yes
jobBoardLinkStringA link to the Ashby job board of the organization.Yes

Road Map

Ashby recently rolled out compensation bands. We have plans to add this data to the dedicated feeds; if this is something you require in your feed, please let us know!