Submit an application for a job posting.

Requires the candidatesWrite permission.

The Content-Type of this request must be multipart/form-data.

Note: The requests generated from this documentation will not work for this endpoint.

The values accepted for each field depend on the type of field that's being filled out: |

  • Boolean - A boolean value
  • Date - A date string in the format YYYY-MM-DD
  • Email - A valid email address
  • Number - An integer
  • RichText - We do not support submitting rich text documents via the API but we do support submitting plain text values for these fields. Plain text values must be submitted in the format { type: "PlainText", value: "A plain text string" }
  • Score - An integer between 1 and 4 submitted in the format { score: 4 }
  • Phone, String A string
  • ValueSelect - A string that matches the value of one of the ValueSelect field's selectable options
  • MultiValueSelect - An array of strings that exist in the MultiValueSelect field's selectable options
  • Location - An object with the following properties: { country: "USA", city: "San Francisco", region: "California" }. You may provide any combination of these properties and we will attempt to geocode the location. For best results, provide all three properties.
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