Endpoint Naming

Public API endpoints follow the format /.. An API endpoint typically operates on the resource and returns one or more instances of the resource(s) operated on.



Returns a single instance of the resource.


/application.info returns a single application.


Returns all of that resource in the collection, matching the specified filter. Endpoints using this verb are paginated and are intended to be used to sync all records in the associated collection.


/application.list returns (one page at a time) all applications accessible to the caller.


Returns all of that resource in the collection that match a "search query." Endpoints using this verb are not paginated and are intended for applications intending to make quick and specfic lookups using relatively specific search terms.
Note: .list and .search are similar. The main difference is intended use case and pagination, though it's possible a use case for paginated search the public API could arise.


/candidate.search returns candidates matching an email or name.


Performs an action on the specified resource and returns the updated resource.


/application.create creates a new application and returns it.